Holding Down The Fort | Sosteniendo La Fortaleza

<ESPAÑOL ABAJO> By|Por: Rio Tattersall I´m writing this on a pad of paper. It will be transcribed onto the internet soon. I was thinking of adding ¨& Lessons of Detachment¨ to the title of this blog. On second thought it would be too long of a title and not so catchy as ¨Holding Down TheContinue reading “Holding Down The Fort | Sosteniendo La Fortaleza”


Free Permaculture Course | Curso Gratis de Permacultura

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-permaculture-course-curso-gratis-de-permacultura-tickets-26530525516 <ESPAÑOL ABAJO> Scottino here, Although donations are very welcome, I would like to let all of you know that we will be offering a free, hands-on, permaculture course at Jardin Salverde from August 26th – September 18th. I have co-taught at least three different accredited Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) in both the Pacific Northwest asContinue reading “Free Permaculture Course | Curso Gratis de Permacultura”

Paraisotra Part 3/3

[ESPANOL ABAJO] PICS: PART 1 & PART 2 What a magikal, beautiful, and successful journey this has been here all over Costa Rica, in what I have been calling “paraisotra” over the past couple months! Join me one last time for my final travel blog entry that completes a short trilogy of my Costa RicanContinue reading “Paraisotra Part 3/3”

Paraisotra Part 2/3

(ESPANOL ABAJO) [For directions to the Regional Rainbow Gathering in Pavones, scroll down to the italic words below] Part 2 in this three part series of entries covers some interesting academic news and probably the most diverse events of my trip in the beautiful country of Costa Rica from February 21st to March 20th, theContinue reading “Paraisotra Part 2/3”

Paraisotra Part 1/3

Paraiso = paradise Otra = other, another Paraisotra =another paradise   There are some pics on my facebook page of my trip down here in Costa Rica from January 9th through April 2nd. So far everything has gone very well and successfully. As soon as get access to the internet and an SD card reader,Continue reading “Paraisotra Part 1/3”