\,hɑːrˈDIːN sɔːl-VEə(R)-dei\

Salverde is a play on several Spanish words including the imperative form of the verb ‘salvar’ which means to save or rescue as a command, ‘verde’ meaning green, and ‘sal’ meaning salt, crystals or minerals. Together these words express this farm’s intention of co-creating a sustainable environment by salvaging and utilizing overlooked resources. Sprinkle on some of this conceptual salt: Green is also the color of the central chakra and the center of the rainbow. This farm was blessed to host a Regional Rainbow Gathering in the spring of 2010 and inspired the first ever Rainbow Crystal Gathering and Rainbow Crystal Land (RCL) community. Just like a crystal can perennialize a rainbow, it seemed as though everyone had the potential to harmonize indefinitely with everything else.

We are a fluctuating community of artists, permaculture designers, teachers, students, musicians, scientists, tree planters, and volunteers living off the grid and land without the need for money. Neighbors both international and Costa Rican are coming together here to share and contribute knowledge and wisdom.

We are located at 1,100 meters in elevation in a small farming town currently burdened with the overly ordinary and boring name of ‘Pueblo Nuevo’ nearby Copabuena and Agua Buena in southern Costa Rica. The values of originality and sustainability shine so bright here that perhaps we can give our “new town” a real name like ‘Salverde’ or ‘Sylvatica’ and this particular 21-acre food forest’s intention can expand to cover more denuded ground.

\,feeng-kah sil-VAT-ih-kuh\

Sylvatica means “forest-loving” in Latin, so Finca Sylvatica means “Forest-loving farm.” As of June 2019, the name Jardin Salverde has been phased out in favor of Finca Sylvatica. Also, due to disharmony and unforseen conflict between the overwhelming generalized perception of rainbows and our local community, RCL is also in a state of transitioning into what is currently called the Crystal Land Community, which embraces the resiliency and stability of a crystal.

Mission Statement: FS seeks to improve biodiversity, efficiency and the resiliency of agroforestry resources through applied ecological research and development of long-term integrated projects in solidarity with local community partnerships and in collaboration with appropriate government officials. In doing so, we strive to maintain healthy, open, and democratic relationships with our partners and among ourselves.

Click here to download our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): Finca Sylvatica MoU

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