Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What should I bring to Finca Sylvatica?

A: 1) Flashlight or headlamp

2) Boots for the rainy season (May-Nov) may be purchased locally

3) Warm clothing. We are up in the mountains and it gets cold at night.

4) Sleeping bag or blanket. Sometimes we have some available but sometimes not.

5) Tent or mosquito net. We have several roofed huts however they will not protect you from the bugs.

6) Knife or machete. We have some at the Finca but having your own is a good idea.

7) Work clothes that can be damaged without regret. We have spare clothes sometimes. There are good second-hand clothes stores nearby.

Q: What kind of work will I be expected to do at Finca Sylvatica?

A: This depends on your skills and interests. We can always use help in gardening, landscaping, eco-construction, art projects, preparing communal food, providing workshops or classes invaluable practices. Our goal is to empower volunteers to decide how they can best contribute.

Q: How many hours per day will I have to work?

A: We tend to be most active between 7am – 3pm. It is usually sunny and cool until noon. In the afternoon it is hot in the dry season and rainy in the rainy season. Being productive usually means that outdoor work is done early. We ask that volunteers contribute at least 5 hours a day to helping with the farm’s needs.

Q: Will I be given meals in exchange for my work?

A: Meals are provided to volunteers, who are invited to help in preparation. We harvest bananas, citrus, guava, katuk, turmeric, lemon-grass, lemon balm, and other native edibles regularly. Everything that comes from the farm is shared with volunteers. Sometimes we “up-cycle” produce that cannot be sold from a nearby supermarket. We “almost” do not have to buy produce. Foods such as grains, flours, oils, spices, salt & sugar are purchased either individually or communally.

Q: How many people are generally at Finca Sylvatica?

A: The population at Finca Sylvatica is constantly in flux. We are located in a very rural part of Costa Rica where there is very little tourism and foreign activity. During the slow/rainy season (SEPT – NOV) our population can get down to only a couple permanent members. During the busy/dry season, we can fill up to twenty people or more.

Q: What is the Rainbow Crystal Land (RCL)?

A: The RCL is a community located across a small creek from Finca Sylvatica. The RCL was created during the end of the long-count Mayan calendar on the Winter 2012 Solstice at the Intergalactic Rainbow Gathering in Palenque, Mexico. RCL in Costa Rica is the first RCL to have been created and is a permanent site managed by the Rainbow Family of Living

Light. We ask Finca Sylvatica volunteers to sleep, camp, and cook on the RCL side. Volunteers are encouraged to become members of the RCL. Ask people within the RCL community or go to for more info.

Q: What is the relationship between Finca Sylvatica and Rainbow Crystal Land?

A: Finca Sylvatica has a strong focus on academia, agroforestry, and native regeneration. It is a botanical research center on an experimental private property. The Longhouse was built on site at Finca Sylvatica in February 2018. Office hours of the Longhouse are currently from 7:00am – 6:00pm. Volunteers may visit the Longhouse during office hours. It is closed to the public and to volunteers from 6:01pm – 6:59am. Volunteers must inquire with staff prior to engagement in activities at Finca Sylvatica. The RCL is the residential and social gathering area for volunteers and community members.