Our first Tuesday monthly meetups continue at 21 Acres.  It brought me great pleasure to speak at and introduce some great speakers over a two-part mini series on water.

Our November 3rd, 2015 event covered:  Washington State Water Rights and Water Conservation for Homes  I got to introduce Erik Goheen, Fiona Douglas-Hamilton and John Rose, who had some great information and shocking scientific research about the drought we experienced this summer and what it could mean for our future.

On December 1st, 2015, we had a more advanced and exciting class on Greywater for Homes and Landscapes   I introduced Fiona again and spoke about phytoaccumulation at the end of the presentation, along with the permaculture design I proposed for the Beall Greenhouse District on Vashon Island, a superfund site that used to be the largest greenhouse district in the world.

Click the underlined words above for links to video footage of these classes.


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