I have just left Finca Salverde in the hands of what is now being referred to as “The Salverde Rainbow Crystal Community.” Finca Salverde is honored to be the very first Rainbow Crystal Community. I have given up proprietary attachment to an area of about three hectares designated and donated to Rainbow in exchange for assistance with property taxes which is currently about $100 per year. Rainbowlandia has been very well marked out within Finca Salverde except for the South East corner between the big spring and Humberto’s pond. I stayed at Finca Salverde from March 7th to April 23 in 2013 for our inauguratory manifestations. This included making trails to and constructing what is now main meadow, main kitchen, yoga space, water line routes, welcome home center, three composting toilets, and dozens of beautiful camping spots. Most of the trails made have tree seedlings growing all along the sides. We managed to pass a very important consensus during one of our talking circles: No cutting living trees. Now that we have talking circle everyday, we have ample opportunity to speak with the community together if an exception should be made about cutting such precious beings.

Last Tuesday one of our neighbors, Mercedes, facilitated an avocado tree grafting workshop. Several of us Rainbows including me learned some very valuable things and I even brought a seedling from our nursery to be grafted with his Hass scions. A couple weeks ago we had an apiculture workshop led by another neighbor, Fran. We learned how the locals extract honey from their bee boxes without any protective netting or clothes by going at night with flashlights and burning coco fibre and cow manure. We brought back some honey to the Gathering and honey bees were swarming around the kitchen for the next few days afterwards. It was an inspiration for many of us to replicate it here as well and help some of our garden get pollinized. Almost all our neighbors and certainly most older residents in Copabuena are farmers with an enormous wealth of knowledge and wisdom of the environment. I cannot stress enough the value of them, especially the older generation that’s experience has not been passed down to their offspring migrating to the cities. They have been here long before us and will likely be here long after most anyone reading this. They embody the true permanent crystal spirit. As Rainbow Gatherers wishing to crystalize, symbiosis with them is imperative.

In other words, imagine our Rainbow Crystal inaugration like butterfly metamorphosis:

Rainbow Chrysalis

We are opening.
We are opening.

Butterflies from crystal cocoons
burst free and soar above balloons
of exhalations
from inhalations
blessed by mother earth
and father sun’s birth.

We are breaking free.
We are breaking free.

Rainbows refract
and crystals crack
in this freedom emergence
and emergency of sense.

We are emerging.
We are emerging.

The precipitation of crystals
and crystallization of portals
uniting us together,
defying the weather
is erupting
and emerging
from depths of abyss.
Some crept in wisps
out of
spouts of
volcanic mantras.
Their transit on the
spectrum of light takes them
to boarders and breaks them,
producing chrysalis color
in which we are all its lover.

We are one.
We are one.



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  1. This was great to rread

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